Treatment Overview

Many patients are amazed at the relief they feel after a single Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief therapy treatment. You’ll hear the word “amazing” quite often by patients to describe how they feel after the first treatment. See stories from actual patients here. You will see in the videos that many patients also describe the entire process as “life changing.”

There are a wider range of symptoms treated by Dr. Jaeckle at Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief. From a simple unbalanced bite resulting in discomfort or pain, to chronic, decades long headache and migraine sufferers; patients whose entire lives are impaired by the symptoms caused by dental related forces. Each patient receives a treatment program which is customized for their exact diagnosis, and treatment can begin immediately.

logo-trudentaAustin/Central Texas Migraine Relief treatments last about 70-80 minutes and include the use of several proven, FDA cleared technologies. Depending upon the severity of the diagnosis, patients require from two to twelve treatments, completed weekly. In addition, a specific home care package and accompanying protocol is given to the more severe cases. Thus a patient with the most severe diagnosis could achieve lasting relief from their symptoms in about three months.

The treatments are completed within the offices of Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief by the comprehensively trained staff. The treatments are painless, without needles and there are no drugs involved.

Please visit Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief to receive a complete examination and to find out if our program is right for you. Dr. Jaeckle can explain the details of Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief treatment system and show you the exact treatments required to relieve your symptoms!

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