Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

Dental Symptoms

Dental symptoms of TMD can range from the more obvious TMJ related symptoms such as a  locked jaw, or clicking/popping of the TMJ, and pain in the area of the TMJ to perhaps the less obvious repeated fractures of teeth, numerous crowns in the posterior of the mouth, worn teeth, and a loss of vertical deminsion.

Medical Symptoms

Many patients may first seek the help of a medical doctor as they perceive there condition to be medically related.  We often get referrals from Ear Nose and Throat doctors who have unsuccessfully treated a patient for ear pain (sometimes with the assistance of a chiropractor)  Scroll down on our patient testimonial page and read a letter one of our patients wrote us after first seeing an ENT and chiropractor  Symptoms that are quite common with TMD that might be perceived as medical symptoms include:  headaches, migraines, ear aches, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), fullness in the ear, vertigo (dizzy spells), and neck pain.