Snoring - Sleep Apnea

Snoring Treatment in Bee Cave TX

Snoring is often the punch line of jokes between spouses – or an sensitive area of contention. While snoring is disruptive to those around you, it may also have a significantly negative impact on your daily life and long-term health. By speaking with Dr. Jaeckle about your snoring, he can examine the extent of your nighttime disturbances. He will also offer you a course of treatment to improve nightly breathing for restful nights of sleep.

What Is Snoring?

Snoring is the loud noise that occurs while you are sleeping and your air passages become partially obstructed. The sound may resemble a whistle, choking, a chainsaw, or you may describe it with a variety of other descriptors. However, this sleep disorder stems from the same cause.

When you fall asleep, the muscles in your throat are responsible for supporting surrounding tissues. When your muscles remain active, the soft tissues in your throat and palate remain apart, allowing for consistent air flow. However, when the muscles relax too much, these soft tissues touch and vibrate against one another while you breathe. These vibrations translate into the sound you refer to as “snoring.” Fortunately, this partial collapse of throat tissue is treatable by Dr. Jaeckle and our team.

What Are the Symptoms of Snoring?

You may assume that snoring is a simple condition to detect and diagnose. However, some individuals are unaware that they snore. If you wake yourself up during the night with loud snoring, you can easily discuss this symptom with Dr. Jaeckle. However, if you feel tired during the day without apparent cause, consider the following associated symptoms that may point to snoring:

  • Fatigue or exhaustion during the day
  • Sore throat when you wake
  • Trouble concentrating or focusing during the day
  • High blood pressure

How Do You Treat Snoring?

Dr. Jaeckle will provide you with a comprehensive examination and discuss your symptoms with you. While he may be able to address your snoring with treatment, he may also ask you additional questions to determine whether you suffer from a more severe issue called sleep apnea. This occurs when the muscles in your throat completely relax, resulting in moments when you stop breathing. However, if your sleep disorder is limited to snoring alone, Dr. Jaeckle will suggest simple changes to improve your snoring, such as weight loss and sleeping on your side. He may also suggest a custom-fitted oral appliance, which will gently reposition your jaw. This repositioning assists in maintaining open air passages.