Neck Pain

Many who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines also experience periodic neck pain. While there are plenty of over-the-counter medications to treat the symptoms of headaches, neck pain relief is often much harder to find. At Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief, we offer a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan that addresses both of these problems.

As a licensed dentist and 1985 graduate from Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr. Jaeckle has immense expertise in the anatomy of the neck, head, and mouth. Whereas many prescribed headache treatments simply address the pain itself, Dr. Jaeckle strives to identify and correct the underlying causes. In the vast majority of cases, these causes are related to craniofacial and dental issues.

Neck pain associated with headaches is relatively common, particularly for those whose headaches are the result of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), malocclusion, or any number of improperly functioning “dental forces.”¬†Neck pain is most commonly associated with TMD, a disorder which results from excessive wear or damage to the temporomandibular joint. The disorder can lead to a number of issues relating to the teeth and jaws. Bruxism, or grinding and clenching of teeth, is one of the most common issues that is present in cases of TMD. Bruxism not only puts undue stress on the teeth and jaws, it can cause pain throughout the entire neck. By analyzing your bite pattern, Dr. Jaeckle can identify your TMD and bruxism and prescribe a plan to correct both. When your jaws and teeth are healthy, you can expect your neck pain and headaches to subside.

There is significant evidence to suggest that the majority of headaches are caused by malfunctions that originate in the mouth and jaws. If you suffer from chronic headaches accompanied by neck pain, call Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief today to find out how we can help you devise a custom treatment plan.

At Austin/Central Texas Migraine Relief, we are able to diagnose and treat your chronic headaches, migraines and related ailments using the cutting-edge technology.