Pounding HeadacheBee Cave dentist, Dr. Patrick M. Jaeckle, is well aware of the suffering which regular migraine headaches causes in some patients. Sometimes, the cause of migraines relate to the health and function of your temporomandibular joints (TMJs). By uncovering the source of migraines, finding a viable solution to stopping the intense discomfort becomes much more likely. Are you searching for freedom from chronic migraine pain? Do you think your headaches might relate to the health of your jaw?

TMJ Migraine FAQs

Q1. Is it TMJ or TMD? A1. The clinical term for the condition which includes irritation and inflammation of your heavily used jaw joints is temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). You have probably heard of the condition referred to as TMJ, though this technically refers to the joints themselves. No matter what you name the discomfor, however, if your TMJs are causing migraine headaches, you are probably desperate for some resolve.

Q2. What is the purpose of a TMJ? A2.Your TMJs are on either side of your face (just under your ears) and provide you with the ability to open and close your mouth with ease when they are healthy. Speaking, eating, and opening your mouth are possible because you have these hinges connecting your lower mandible to your skull. When you suffer from TMD, simple daily physical tasks often become too painful.

Q3. How Does TMJ Dysfunction Contribute to Migraines? A3. TMD symptoms can run the gamut. They may even include tooth sensitivity and excessively worn down teeth. Aches and pains all over from the maxillofacial area to the neck, shoulders, and back are all possible side effects. Migraines, in particular, are one of the most debilitating effects of TMJ troubles. This particular symptom can begin from problems such as a misaligned bite or chronic teeth grinding because of the constant stress and tension. If Dr. Jaeckle determines that the source of your migraines is likely TMD, an appropriate TMJ treatment plan is designed to help alleviate the debilitating discomfort.

Migraine Headache Relief from Bee Cave Dentist

Dr. Jaeckle has first-hand experience with the types of craniofacial issues which cause frequent or severe headaches. Using the cutting-edge TruDenta system, Dr. Jaeckle is able to provide a stunningly accurate analysis of the entire head and neck region, the oral system, and the temporomandibular joint. This technology is able to accurately identify many underlying issues which are known to cause headaches. Contact our Bee Cave dental office at (512) 402-1955 to schedule an appointment.