Meet Dr. Jaeckle

Dr. Jaeckle is a native Texan and grew up in San Antonio. He holds a BA from The University of Texas, an MBA from Columbia University in New York, an MABS from Asbury Theological Seminary and a DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry. Upon graduation from Baylor, Dr. Jaeckle began his dental career by accepting a two-year internship with Dr. James Avann, a leading prosthodontist in Dallas. Dr. Jaeckle then entered private practice in Ft. Worth. In November of 2012, Dr. Jaeckle acquired the practice of Dr. Tim Tischler and fulfilled his long held dream of entering private practice in the greatest city in the world, Austin, TX.

Dr. Jaeckle has extensive training in treating patients with orafacial pain including conditions such as: Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorders (TMD), chronic headaches, migraines, myofacial pain and head and neck pain.  Dr. Jaeckle completed a residency under Jeffrey Okeson, DMD of the University of Kentucky Orafacial Pain Clinic.

Furthermore, Dr. Jaeckle has been trained by Dr. Mark Montgomery of TruDenta, to perform Dentomadibular Sensorimotor Rehabilitation Therapy for patients suffering from chronic headaches, migraines, myofacial pain and TMD.

Additionally, Dr. Jaeckle was one of the first three doctors trained by Dr. Robert Kerstein to perform Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy, utilizing the Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology.  Dr. Robert Kerstein, is the longest standing researcher, author, and user of Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology (since 1984).  Dr. Jaeckle has developed a computer-guided TMJ Treatment that offers patients such effective TMJ Pain improvements, that his patients often no longer need Nightguards, Mouthguards, orthotics, oral appliances, or deprogramming appliances, even if they previously ground their teeth at night.

Dr. Jaeckle is a member of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentist, the American Dental Association, The Texas Dental Association and the Capital Area Dental Society. Dr. Jaeckle and his wife Pam have been married for 30 years, and they have three children: Sara a graduate of The University of Texas, who now attends Texas Tech University School of Law; Laura a graduate of Texas A&M University, who now serves as the Art Director for San Antonio Weddings Magazine; and Patrick a graduate of Baylor University, who now is an engineer in Katy. When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Jaeckle spends time writing in the field of Biblical exegesis and bicycle road racing. In March of 2009, Dr. Jaeckle was inducted into the International Society of Theta Phi, an honor society for scholars in the field of religion.